The XMidi is a MIDI synthesizer base on soundfont(SF2). Provide a Keyboard, Guitar, Drums and Metronome.

The channel and soundfont is configurable.

It is FREE!

The working path is: sdcard/net.duceng/XMidi. You can download more files from the internet to:
Midi files: ~/midi
Soundfont files: ~/sf2
Drums sty files: ~/sty


Google play.


Any BUG or question, please contact to: duceng AT gmail.com. or submit at this page.


The midi files in XMidi is download from: Bernd Krueger under CC-BY-SA License.
The default soundfont is TimGM6mb.sf2, you can download from Tim Brechbill.
This app use some FluidSynth 1.0.9, and the Source codes can be download from GitHub.
And use some MidiSheetMusic, you can download from Sourceforge.